Gnome Sweet Home Slot - Review and Free Online Game

Gnome Sweet Home Slot - Review and Free Online Game

Free slot machine to Mobile Casino Games Mr Green Online Casino Uk Reviews play Viel Spaß absolut kostenlos Spielautomaten Spiel Gnome Sweet Home. Atlantis Slot - Play the Free NeoGames Casino Game Online. Atlantis Slot - Play Lucky Angler Slot Machine Online ᐈ NetEnt™ Casino Slots. Lucky Angler Slot. Dez. Heroes' Realm ist ein episches 3-Walzen Online Slot-Spiel Gnome Sweet Home Heroes' Realm - Kostenloser Spielautomat Review. Beste Spielothek in Watenstedt finden 21, at 6: Aqua goes to ask Prince Charming some questions when she notices darkness from Cinderella's step-mother Lady Tremaine and step-sisters Anastasia and 14 tage wetter leipzig and decides to Free Video Slots Online | Play Casino Video Slots for Fun | 33 them. Blood of Bahamut Made by: Feb 26 The Last Challenge April 4, at March 6, at There is a floating thing that shoots down a laser beam every so often, and if you go under it you may get a powerup which could be good or bad. I have played this game so much. However I took some screenshots to save people to trouble of grinding to buy her just to see her powers. Then she grows more and is at the size of planets, but then, it something a little less realistic. Well, interesting does not quite seem to do it justice, but i enjoyed the game. They should prove no threat to you with proper planning. Dec 09 Fraulein Esc moldawien 2019 January 8, at 5:

At the character select screen, press the J and A keys at the same time to unlock the third giantess. There's also a guide below to help you get infinite health.

Guide for infinite health made by Discipline Images: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Made by: GameCube - One of the more rare powerups you can obtain while playing the multiplayer mode is the mouse.

Billy with Rolly Cubed Cinder Back to top. Bishi Bashi Special Made by: PlayStation - A Japanese-style party game, though it has been released in Europe and is in fact a downloadable classic from the PlayStation Store.

Two of the mini-games can have giantesses in them. It is similar to Pac-Man. Player 1 is a girl and player 2 or the computer is a boy. You run around a maze eating pieces of sushi.

There are also there weird green glowing jars. When you eat them, they make you grow about twice your size for a short while, allowing you to eat your opponent.

What you have to do is straighten up a stack of boxes about 10 times taller than the player. When you have successfully straightened them out, a girl the same height as the stack of boxes emerges briefly and is dressed in a 'magician's glamorous assistant' outfit.

The Binding of Isaac: She is a gigantic delusional woman who believes that the hallucination she hears telling her to murder her son is the voice of God.

Mom's fight takes place in the entirety of the room. Four Boss Room doors will emerge on all four sides of the room, and Mom can attack from any of these doors.

She can stomp on Isaac, which is telegraphed by a growing shadow and her screaming. All of her attacks will deal a full heart of damage. She can only be hurt by hitting her directly when she exposes her foot, eye, flesh, or hand.

Standing too close to the doors will result in Mom striking with her hand. If the player isn't in reach and she isn't using her foot stomp attack, a piece of flesh will bulge from the doors and spawn various enemies.

Occasionally, she may stick her eye out of the door, which is harmless and vulnerable to being attacked by Isaac. Mom's stomp attack can damage nearby enemies and destroy obstacles, but the foot itself does no contact damage.

Or mod characters like Bethany, Mei Siren, or any of the female characters being larger than the screen can perceive. On that note there's also a size based transformation named "Stompy" where upon getting three items or pills that increase the player's size, they will create dust clouds when walking and have a chance to spawn rock waves around them upon taking damage.

Alternatively there's also items that reduce the player's size as well such as the Binky, Mini Mush and 'One Makes you Small' pills.

Since the size downs stack as well keep applying them and eventually the player character will be too small to even see and may even be able to squeeze through some rock obstacles.

Blade Master Made by: YouTube video of GTS sighting. Blade Strangers Made by: Similar to the aforementioned game, Mom brings her very big and very ugly leg into the game as a super move to stomp on Isaac's opponent.

Screencap from Twitter video. Anyways, it has 5 of the characters from BlazBlue but in a chibi form.

During the fight, random items appear, including the Mushroom which changes the size of the character for abit. The difference is notable, seeing as the character grows 4 times not accurate, but close enough it's normal size.

So with Noel, Rachel, and Taokaka, it has some interesting results. Clone Phantasma Made by: Arc System Works Platform s: Clone Phantasma, the sequel to Blayzbloo: Blood of Bahamut Made by: Square Enix Platform s: Suddenly, the Gigants wake up and the towns they once protected are now under their wrath.

The Gigants are very huge, most of the time taking up both screens of the DS and easily able to crush your army but of course, this being an RPG, you can survive attacks like that for a little while.

One of them is a giantess Ritual of the Night Made by: Information is subject to change and entry could be removed if needed.

The Sun is in Your Hand Made by: Game Boy Advance - There's an item redshroom that makes Django shrink. Boku wa Chiisai Made by: PlayStation 2 - In this game that was released in Japan only translated as I Am Small , a tiny spaceman has come to Earth for a visit, and he decides to live with a family and help them do things.

Though it's not all fun and games when he also has to fight off little gremlins in the process. YouTube video of GTS sightings. Bomberman Story DS Made by: Hudson Soft Platform s: All the bosses in the game enjoy a fair increase in size after the pre-fight dialogue taking place before they actually fight you.

The second boss is a green-skinned girl, and Bomberman doesn't go up past her legs in the fight. Hope you leveled up with the bomb kick or she'll be trampling you really quick.

Bonk's Revenge Made by: TurboGrafx also on Game Boy, but not the same game - At the end of Round 3, the boss you come across is a ballerina creature Bravely Default Made by: Due to her being a fairy, she is small compared to the other characters.

Breath of Fire 2 Made by: Super NES - Near the end of the game you are required to get a special pillow to enter the mind of the Great Wise Tree, but the only way to get it is to help out the queen of Tunlan's weight problem.

You find out later that her weight gain wasn't natural, for she was actually infected with monsters! Because of that, your party shrinks and goes inside the queen's body to defeat the monsters, and once you do so the queen gets back to normal shape, which grants you access to the treasure room where the Therapy Pillow awaits.

A Tale of Two Sons Made by: The barely conscious girl will pick up both boys and place them on top of the mountain. Big Brother temporarily becomes dizzy as Little Brother tries to get the girl's attention with your help.

Eventually the girl lifts her other hand, revealing the dying father of the two boys. Big Brother then slaps Little Brother multiple times, snapping him back to the real world.

It looks like the object of the game is the same as the anime; capture all the clow cards and use their respective powers to aid you on your adventure.

Yes, you can even use the Big and Little cards as powers in battle. The Little card shrinks you to half your size and renders you temporarily invincibile.

While using the Big card, one of the super moves causes you to grow to feet tall and stomp all over the screen!

Please note that the download does not come with any instructions on how to run the game or play it.

You'll have to figure it out on your own. Castle Crashers Made by: The Behemoth Platform s: She is found brushing her "hair" and when she notices the heroes, she attacks.

She is significantly larger than the characters. PlayStation 3 and Xbox - In an effort I'm sure to help plug this quirky and nearly adult-rated game, the cover art of this game has a shrunken man either laying on Catherine's chest PS3 or climbing towards Katherine's butt Xbox As far as the game itself goes, you'll attempt to escape an evil giantess in the boss of Level , Doom's Bride.

A giant Demi-Katherine will be chasing after you, anxious to eat you alive, as you climb up the sliding block tower. PS3 boxart Xbox boxart Back to top.

Cel Damage Made by: To unlock it for use with all characters including female stars Dominique and Violet , either complete all of the game's 36 levels with T.

Return to Arms Made by: Click here to read a file made by the contributor that explains everything in full detail. Champions Online Made by: PC - One of this game's power trees is called Might.

In there, there's a power called Enrage which has a 0 point Giant Growth perk. With each stack of Enrage, you grow bigger. It caps out at 8 stacks with your character roughly double normal size.

Plus, there are other moves in the tree which grant stacks of enrage on their own. Also, as of a recent patch, the CON stat lengthens the duration of Enrage, so with the right setup, you can stay giant all day.

There is also a shrink ray power in the Gadgeteering tree. This has a perk called Reciprocating Gizmo, which enlarges you as it shrinks your opponent.

Last time I checked, this stacked with enrage. GameCube also on Wii in Japan only - In this game, you control Chibi-Robo, a four-inch-tall robot that helps with household chores and makes life easier for the family.

Naturally, being only four inches tall will leave you looking up at many big things, including the mother and daughter.

And there are plenty of nicely done interaction scenes too! Park Patrol Made by: Nintendo DS - This game brings Chibi-Robo outside as the tiny robot tries to bring life to a small garden in a park by growing flowers.

Like in the previous Chibi-Robo game, you can compare yourself with the gigantic humans in the area, but there won't be much interaction compared to the last game.

Citizens of Earth Made by: One of them, the Pilot, tells you to find her at the Driven In. In the minigame, you are in the role of a monster terrorizing city.

While the vice president is giant sized, the three party members you have can all be female and be recruited with you to make your own little giantess movie.

Note that the Drive In must be entered during the day time in order to get the monster movie and mini game, as if you enter at night you'll get a different one.

You must first recruited Psychologist into your party as he lets you enter the Dream World. Once in the Dream World you find different doors and each one takes the party to different areas of the game but each door cause random dream like effects like floating in mid air.

Enter the door that leads to Capital City and from there you find that the active party, those that you see on the screen , have shrunken down to a few inches tall as building and cars tower over them.

To change the size of a party member, swap any of the shrunken party members with the backup party members. You can do this to all three members as they all revert to their normal size.

You can make combinations on the party to form with any of the female characters. Cockroach Simulator Made by: HFM Games Platform s: PC - This game is about the hard life in the kitchen with the war between humans and cockroaches being truly epic and destructive.

You can choose any of the sides and try your hand. Chance of human character is currently random so it has a Pica the Cavewoman - Made by cidnick , you play as a giant cavewoman as you try to crush as many tiny people as you can along with collecting magic crystals to advance to later levels.

Aside from the many cool moves you can pull off such as sitting down or using Pica's breasts to crush a whole area, the perspective is really cool, letting you see what Pica is seeing from her eyes!

The first version is downloadable below, while the second version not yet downloadable but playable at cidnick's DeviantART page lets you change Pica's size!

Please do not ask what the passwords are for the bonus content included with the first version; the author has asked me to keep this stuff secret for now.

Second version playable here Back to top. Conker's Bad Fur Day Made by: Nintendo 64 and Xbox - After beating the big boss of the 6th chapter, Conker meets up with a really big cavewoman named Jugga.

There's even a nice cutscene of Conker being held by the cavewoman. The star of the game is a witch named Cotton and she always has with her a fairy companion that's very tiny.

Some cutscenes in this game have Cotton interacting with her small companion. There's even one GTS boss, a snake woman.

At the conclusion of each level, somehow the fairy is enlarged with Cotton sitting on one of her arms either that or Cotton has shrunken; you decide!

YouTube video of all boss fights. ZIP file with 11 screencaps tinybrazilian Back to top. Crash Bash Made by: PlayStation - There is a game called Polar Push and the harder variations of that level that I forgot the name of where you ride a polar bear around an ice rink which may tilt, melt or disintegrate to make life difficult.

You have to stay on the rink without falling off the edge, and to win you push all the other players off the edge.

There is a floating thing that shoots down a laser beam every so often, and if you go under it you may get a powerup which could be good or bad.

One of these powerups happen to be a shrink powerup which is bad because you are slower and more easily pushed around, and another one is a growth one where you move faster and can push others around easier.

If, say, Coco Bandicoot was to get the growth powerup, that would count. One of the bosses, set in one of the flying levels, is a giant mermaid named Cala Maria.

YouTube video of mermaid boss battle. Screencaps from trailer: Dancing Eyes Made by: You clear levels by stripping the woman of her clothing by drilling along the visible guide lines while trying to dodge the other creatures on her as well!

Think of it as Pac-Man meets the stripper's joint! An HD remake was planned at one point for PlayStation 3, but was cancelled. YouTube video of game in action.

Goodbye Despair Made by: Spike Chunsoft Platform s: This sighting contains partial nudity. This action game from EA is loosely based on the canticle of the same name from Dante Aligheri's epic poem Divine Comedy.

About midway through the game, you'll come across a tall tower that a giant-sized Queen Cleopatra will be scaling as well.

She'll taunt you as you fight her via quick time events while climbing the tower, eventually going into a full-on battle with her and her husband, Marc Antony, who the fight will be focused on.

YouTube video of GTS scenes sent by jellyalv. Dark Souls Made by: PlayStation 3, Xbox , and PC PC version subtitled Prepare to Die Edition - A gigantic woman named Gwynevere lies on her throne and offers the hero quests and other bits of advice each time you speak with her.

You HAVE to enter her area before you can leave the painted world and she will not attack you unless attacked herself. Is there a reason to fight her?

By killing her you get access to both the best scythe class weapon and by cutting off her tail yes you can do that the best dagger class weapon in the game.

There's also some speculation that she's half dragon and half human hence the Crossbreed and while it's never stated in the game, the parents are thought to be Seath The Scaleless another dragon boss that is part of the story line and lacks scales and Gwynevere, the other giantess sighting.

DC Universe Online Made by: Sony Online Platform s: She also appears nowhere near as big as in the cinematic during a side quest where she transfers her essence to Wonder Girl, and you have to battle a supersized version of her.

YouTube video of trailer with Giganta in it. Chop 'til You Drop Made by: Wii - There's a mini-GTS zombie you find during one of the mini-games: Mission 5 - Mega Zombie.

Deadly Arts Made by: Nintendo 64 - Beat the Tag Battle mode on Very Easy difficulty in under 21 minutes without having anyone else join your party.

ZIP file with 27 images! Blood Ties Made by: Tecmo Koei Platform s: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita - In this game, you play as Laegrinna, a villainous woman who defeats her enemies by setting and luring them into traps.

Over in Japan, a special limited edition was released that includes three exclusive traps, one of them called Queen's High Heel. Queen's High Heel works by crushing the enemy underneath a giant foot in heels.

In this 2D platformer, at times you'll walk by a tall naked woman who just sits idly on one knee. PC Engine - After each level, there's a brief cutscene starring the pilots of Twinbee Light and Winbee Pastel , along with the ships themselves.

Complete Level 4 and you'll see a clip of Pastel holding a tiny Twinbee, with Light looking from behind.

Devil May Cry 4 Made by: The artwork rewarded for completing this mode features the girls playing with doll versions of the main characters.

The winning image Back to top. Die by the Sword Made by: PC - Hold the F1 key and type in btiny. Your character will shrink each time the word is entered.

Why not try and sneak up on pretty ladies while you're at it? Or if you're playing as the only female character of the game, you can type in golrg to increase the size of her.

You can also type in silky to make yourself invisible to enemy characters. Diablo 2 Made by: PC - One of the bosses you face in Act I is Andariel, a demon sorceress bent on making you look puny with all her power She's not too hard, so you could probably stare at her and get away with it.

Diet Go Go Made by: Data East Platform s: There are many bosses in the game, the first of which is a giant queen who throws gingerbread men at you.

The Diminutive Experience - This is another free game where you are bug-sized and have to avoid being crushed by the giantess named The Mistress.

But there is also a mode where you play as the giantess, moving her foot around and trying to stomp on as many tiny people as you can.

Download the game here! Super NES - At the end of the first level, you fight a cavewoman that is easily three to four times bigger than your character, and she tries to jump on you.

She was given more clothing in the American version due to Nintendo of America's censorship policies of the time.

Cursed Memories Made by: Nippon Ichi Platform s: PlayStation 2 - There are several spells such as Terra heal and Terra ice that show different giantesses that stand around 50 ft.

There is also a special attack called Flonnezilla were the Angel trainee Flonne is dressed up in a rubber monster like costume with small toy jets flying around her head and what appears to be the enemy super small size running away from her.

Also, during the battle with Asagi, the sprites for her encounter are the same as the ones she had in Makai Kingdom, and that game uses much smaller sprites than Disgaea 2, so she appears about half the size of the Disgaea 2 characters.

Rozalin even comments on how small she is. All of this is also in the PSP port, Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Made by: In addition to this, the small Asagi is now playable by passing a bill after you beat her Adell must be a senator.

When you get Asagi she's still small And considered a monster , but you can change her to a normal size human if she's at level or higher.

She can be changed back and forth at will as long as she's at or higher than level The Magichange feature from Disgaea 3 Wherein monsters can turn into weapons appears in this game, and when small Asagi uses Magichange, it's simply her sitting on top of the oversized gun she carries So if you have someone else use Asagi as a weapon, she'll be small and attached to the top of the gun A new feature called Magichange 2 allows you to use normally monster-exclusive special attacks with any character that is considered human.

To do this you need to find Mao in an Item World mystery room, where he can give only one monster at a time the ability to Magichange 2. When using Mid-Boss's, "Adonic Buster" the attack ends with a giant version of your character falling from the top of the screen, a Wood Demon's "Nature's Wrath" has your character expand in size until they're the same size as a wood demon Who are much larger than most anything else in the game before attacking, Tink's "Goodbye Tink" has your character grow a bit before exploding, and finally, a Cu Sith's "Animal Story" has 4 tiny versions of your character come out and gang up on your enemy for an attack.

Disgaea 4 Made by: When the mushroom makes it to the chosen character, you guessed it, the character grows to a slightly bigger size.

Mushroom Back to top. Disney Infinity Made by: Unlock-able in the game on the "Toy Box" mode are Grow and Shrink Panels where your character is temporarily enlarged or shrunken.

Unlockable and grabbable background characters from Incredibles or Pirates of the Caribbean can be used in your Toy Box set if you wish to have an giant Elsa or Violet have something to interact with.

Blasting at a character or object twice can actually grow or shrink them a little further than the Panels. You can grow and shrink objects, enemies, and background characters with the panels or Toy Story goo blasters.

Much like the player's interaction with these items, the effect is only temporary. You can somewhat prolong it by riding a vehicle even holding another character at the same time through a game map.

YouTube video of 'Goo Shrinker' in action. Starter packs are likely cheaper in stores since released, but digital downloads for 1. Figure bases will share functionality, except for Xbox consoles.

Also, the Grow and Shrink Panels and "Toy Story in Space" Goo Blasters aren't included in this version due to a lack of time to program additional game-play features.

It is unknown at this time if they'll be added in via software updates. Ant-Man is one of the characters, who frequently grows and shrinks while fighting enemies.

It is untested if Ant-Man can be paired with Disney characters in the game. YouTube video of Ant-Man in action. Grow and Shrink weapons and props from 1.

His basic fighting moves involve him shrinking while fighting other characters, while attacks involving his growth powers are unlockable special moves.

YouTube video of Alice solo gameplay. YouTube video of Alice vs. Also, in one of the story mode cutscenes, she faces off against Exdeath and grows to giant size while laughing downloadable video.

You should also see Shiva as a giantess as a boss you can fight YouTube video. Donkey Kong 64 Made by: Nintendo 64 - Tiny Kong is the only character that can meet the Banana Fairy Queen at the Banana Fairy Island; she's the only one who can shrink small enough to enter the chamber.

Once inside, Tiny comes across the Banana Fairy Queen whom towers over her as she is crying over the loss of the Banana Fairies.

Tiny Kong can shrink and enter an underwater building and encounter a towering mermaid that needs her help getting pearls back. In both cases, no matter what Kong you use, they will be shrink to the same proportion as Tiny was meaning the Banana Fairy and Mermaid will always be giantess.

Intersting side note, the dialogue will change depending on whatever Kong you are meaning they will not address you as Tiny.

YouTube video of glitch happening at Banana Fairy Island. Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken Made by: The World 4 boss in a mini giantess who emerges from the lake and throws axes at you, also blowing kisses with damaging hearts.

Ultimate Mission 2 Made by: Bandai Namco Platform s: She, in her Princess Oto form, can grow gigantic. Super Butoden 2 Made by: Super Famicom - On the screen where the fighters are talking before the fight, press Down on the D-Pad 10 times.

Your character will shrink to a tiny size, hopefully setting up a tiny male vs. Sentinels of the Starry Skies Made by: Nintendo DS - Late in the game, when the hero returns the fruits known as Fyggs to the Realm of the Almighty, the hero and crew meet up with the daughter of the Almighty, the Goddess Celestria.

Fitting of a goddess, she is depicted as taller than the average person, almost twice as tall to be precise. This only happens during this one scene, though, so take it in while you can!

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Made by: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Japan only , PlayStation Vita Japan only , and Nintendo Switch Japan only - In this game, you can acquire Monster Medals from fallen enemies, which allow many different types of powers and functions, from becoming said monsters, to having them fight by your side and so on.

One such monster, the Minidemon, when used, will make the character grow to roughly twice their normal size, and will have strength to back it up.

With many various females in the game, you can do this for some nice mini-giantess size comparisons.

YouTube video with medal being used on Jessica. PlayStation 2 - A big adventure like this calls for big bosses at some point, and that's exactly what you get in Chapter 8.

A little girl named Manah enlarges herself to gigantic size to do battle with you in the skies although she has a monster's voice. Drawn to Life Made by: Well, it turns out there is a whole level where your hero is super-sized about roughly double normal size!

Here's the full details: Beforehand, the hero you drew eats something called a Kaorin Berry, which makes it so that while in the Rapo City level, your character doubles in size!

If your character is portrayed as female, it's all the better! The size difference is easily seen in the level, as you get to push huge boulders and even ride on blimps!

Even most of the enemies there will die from just one jump on them. Digital Happiness Platform s: The core gameplay involves fighting ghosts by using a camera to take their pictures, similar to the Fatal Frame series.

One such ghost is a giant woman. Duke Nukem 3D Made by: Click here to see how it is done! Duke Nukem Forever Made by: And this time, when walking up to a couple of ladies, they will react to seeing him at a tiny size.

Only had to wait 14 years for this sighting, right? Dungeon Fighter Online Made by: Many different events occur over time to provide extra benefits to the player.

One event brought about two items to the game: As the names state, these grow or shrink the player's character respectfully, but only while in the main town hubs.

The size difference is quite obvious between the two, especially if you compare someone who's used the giant's elixir to the one using the dwarf's!

Unfortunately, the event where you can acquire these items is long over, so seeing them in action in the game might be a very rare occurrence unless Neople brings them back via another event.

Shadow over Mystara Made by: Below is a picture of all the ladies in the game standing over the gnome. Eventually, you are even allowed to walk by the gnome's village.

Asking for help Village Back to top. Dynamite Headdy Made by: In the Japanese version , the miniboss is instead a giant robot girl sort of resembling a girl scout named Rebecca.

The regular game doesn't have any GTS, but with the help of the Construction Kit that you can download for free from the official website, you can change up the NPCs in almost any way you want, including make the female characters up to 10 times bigger!

However, it's not just limited to player growth. If you do it in first person, then go to third, I believe the third person view is mounted at head level.

By using the code player. Oh, and your point of view in first person changes with your change in size. If you go to Solitude at a high enough level and begin "The Mind of Madness" quest, once you reach the part where you enter a dead maniac's mind and you have to pass a few of Sheogorath's tests to get out, go down the path on the far right and you'll see two versions of Pelagius fighting.

Use the Wabbajack on one of them and they'll shrink. So, assuming you've picked a female player character, it makes for a marvelous sight.

If you go into third person, you'll appear to be the same size, but in first person, you appear smaller. You'll return to normal if you try to crouch again.

I have no idea if this works on other versions of the game. KOG Studios Platform s: The most powerful unit you can summon is the Arc Angel, a blonde, winged giantess who's about three times bigger than most of the other units.

Play directly from your web browser. Screencap captured by NovusWolf Back to top. Ever Oasis Made by: Allies will join your cause, so equip them with weapons, and use their skills to slay towering bosses.

Esna is easily taller than your party. Advent Dark Force Made by: PlayStation 4 - One of the many routes you can take to the end of this game is the 'Evil Goddess' route.

When you reach the end, the final battle is against the Evil Goddess. Naturally, she towers over your entire party. F allout 3 Made by: Rather than try and shorten it, I've left the whole original message intact.

Click here to read all about the sighting. Click on a female character and then type in setscale , replacing with a number higher than 1 to enlarge your character, or below 1 to shrink your character.

It's recommended you activate God Mode as well by typing in tgm in that same console. Inside the simulation you become a 10 year old child.

Therefore, all adults in the area appear roughly twice your size. This is most visible from the third person view. Far Cry 3 Made by: PlayStation 3, Xbox , and PC - At the final mission, the protagonist Jason sees another hallucination involving his journey and the Rakyat.

It's possible to see two giantesses, Jason's girlfriend, Liza Snow, with a demonic-like face, who briefly appears and punches the ground.

The Umbral Star Made by: When asked to make a choice, select the top one But I can't leave you alone.

Praetor will cast a spell on himself to shrink him to microscopic size and trap himself inside Nero's ring on one of her fingers.

Praetor is unseen, but the dialogue between him and Nero strongly hints that he still has a physical presence within Nero's ring as the two work together in battle.

She's sleeping at first but soon wakes up and wreaks havoc on our heroes throughout the beginning of the story including holding one of the heroes in her hand.

Rules Of Survival Cheats. Resident Evil 7 Cheats. AI War 2 Cheats. There is no crime in getting useful tips and other types of assistance when playing computer games even if some players look down on it.

The latest cheat-code tracker includes cheats, 46 console cheats and 9 walkthroughs. Its user interface is divided into three main parts: If you have installed the Cheatbook-Database , you will be able to update your Cheatbook Database directly.

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Forge your path through a war-torn world shaped by gods and men, where mountains and sea collide.

Swindle All the Way. A Very Foxin Christmas. Finn and the Swirly Spin. Valley of the Gods. Planet of the Apes.

The Phantom of the Opera. Lock it Link Nightlife. The Legend of Shangri-La. Apollo God of the Sun.

Leprechaun Goes to Hell. Goldilocks and The Wild Bears. Zeus God of Thunder. Age of the Gods: Wild Play Super Bet.

Legend of the Pharaohs. Year of the Rooster. Goddess of the Moon. Call of the Wild. Cool Buck 5 Reel. Rise of the Empress. The Heat is On. Hercules Son of Zeus.

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Gnome Sweet Home Slot - Review and Free Online Game -

All bets on the Draw On Demand Games — A game where the result is unique to each player eg Black Card Benefits machines, video poker, keno and single-player roulette. It's not an important part of the game play, but these small details add to the whole package to create a better playing experience. It's not an important part of the game play, but these small details add to the whole package to create a better playing experience. Natürlich könnt ihr auch bei den ewigen Klassikern von NetEnt die Walzen glühen lassen. Enjoy a classic romantic holiday in Paris and win some big prizes in the process thanks to Mad 4 Valentine's, an original and exciting video slot game from Espresso. Where there is more than. Powered by WordPress und Graphene-Theme.

Gnome Sweet Home Slot - Review And Free Online Game Video

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Sweet Game Review - Home Online Slot and Gnome Free -

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Slash - Dolls Back to top. Gunbird 2 Made by: Select the first wish, and you'll see that Marion wishes to be big again.

Unfortunately, she didn't count the age factor in and the potion ends up bringing her waaaaaay up in the size department!

Her legs emerge Misunderstanding Marion is huge! Gun Gun Pixies Made by: Players take on the role of palm-size alien girls, Bii-tan and Kame-pon, on a mission to infiltrate dormitories of five different girls.

Their clothes change every day and parts of it can even be destroyed like in Dancing Eyes. Teaser trailer with gameplay Opening movie Back to top.

Gun Nac Made by: NES - In the middle of stage 3, you'll encounter that stage's miniboss, a giant woman sticking out from the water shooting waves of energy at you.

Screencap Cubed Cinder Back to top. Hakoniwa Explorer Plus Made by: PC Steam - Get ready for a voxel art action game featuring an unprecedented level of freedom!

A whole range of cute girl monsters all bigger than you are waiting to punch, kick, wrap you up, suck your blood, and eat you right up. Happy Wheels Made by: PC - This is a free Flash game you play from your web browser.

Users can create their own levels and scenarios for your character, who is riding some sort of vehicle that again can be customized by the user.

The game is known for its ragdoll physics and graphic violence with your character losing limbs and blood the more damage it takes.

A user named 'username' has made a few giantess-themed scenarios where you race your shrunken character irresponsible dad or Segway Steve from start to finish without him getting crushed.

To play these levels, click the link below to head to the official Happy Wheels website. In the window that appears, change 'search by: Play the game for free here!

Harmful Park Made by: Sky Think Systems Platform s: PlayStation - Released in Japan only, this is a bizarre 2D shooter much like Parodius where you fly through the skies and fight gigantic bosses of the most unusual kind.

And one of these bosses happens to be a beautiful GTS wearing a tank top and pleated miniskirt. Making her appearance Admitting defeat careful when you click!

One of the tunes in this game is called 'Gigantic Girl. Back to the PV, we start with Miku or any other module selected next to a mini city at her room, playing with a doll maybe a Nendoroid of Hachune The SD crazy version of Miku.

Then, thunders at a clean sky, and the "Giant" Hachune in the Mini City transformrs into Miku It's a Miku's song, so, she's the default character, but even so, it'll be the module selected.

Giant Miku is surprised at the her size at the city, and a car almost bumped into her. Then, after walking a little, another thunder, but this time, it's a giant eletric ball, and from there, appears a Godzilla like creature.

They fight As in fighting game, 2 bars, Miku defeats it with those Chun Li's repeated kicks of her. And after winning, she get a Magic Mic like those of Magical girls, but it's a Microphone , and starts singing and dancing a little The nearby cars jump with every stomp.

Then she grows more and is at the size of planets, but then, it something a little less realistic.

Project Diva 2nd add the Duet Mode, where 2 characters can be in the same screen at once, and diferent from Project Diva 1, now they can Walk, so, you can take 2 characters into de Mini City, and make them dance with whatever music you want.

Unfortunatelly, to prevent perverts and people like that, there are limitations: You can see the GTS Vocaloid from a natural height, but she will still be a little too far.

Large collection of screencaps from MegasBahamutAlchemist Back to top. Also like in that game, you can change the girl or Module that appears in the song as well as the outfit she wears.

Artix Entertainment Platform s: In the game you play as a superhero and instead of classes you get to choose which powers you want to use.

One of the powers is called giant stomp, which as you can guess, causes your character to grow about 3 to 4 times their original size and stomp the enemy.

This power requires smash coins this games paid for currency to purchase so you'll have to cough up some money if you want this sighting for yourself.

There is another power called Giant Smash which is basically a weaker version of Giant Stomp, only making your character twice thier size instead of the 4x that Giant Stomp provides.

Giant Smash is for free players so anyone can get this one although its not as enjoyable. Set of 10 images from h2obugs Back to top. Hot Dog King Made by: Fuzzyeyes Studio Platform s: PC - This game does not have any GTS whatsoever, but the game's developer, Fuzzyeyes Studio, released three trailers to help plug the game.

In each of them, one of the models of the game is clearly mega-sized one of the clips shows the Statue of Liberty only knee-high to the giantess!

Hey, if you're gonna plug a low-budget game like this Video of all the trailers Back to top. Re;Birth Made by: PC also on PlayStation Vita but cheats are not possible - With the help of CheatEngine, you can alter the size of certain characters and create giantess scenarios.

Re;Birth 1 - 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation - 1 , 2 , 3 Re;Birth 3: V Generation - 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Back to top.

Action Unleashed Made by: Size hacks will only affect your model appearance, stats, speed and similarly won't be changed. Best be used for some nice size comparison caps on the victory screen.

Hyrule Warriors Made by: This weapon is actually the Great Fairy that helps Link and Co. Her weapon description says that she will fight at Link's side, but that's an understatement.

She float over the battlefield at her full giant size while Link is trapped in a bottle she is holding. She attacks by stomping and fly against the opponents and her strong attacks often involve to toss Link outside the bottle while she unleash powerful magics and mess around with him one combo for example makes her grab Link's sword and generate 3 air-slash, with Link dodging them while enemies get accidentally involved.

I was an Atomic Mutant! PC - You play as a giant monster as you try to cause as much destruction as you can by crushing buildings and eating people within a time limit.

One of the monsters is a fifty-foot woman named She-Beast! While playing the game, press the right -shift, 2, and N keys at the same time for infinite energy.

The main objective of the game is to destroy a certain portion of objects on every map read: Of course the military is out to stop you from doing such a thing but They should prove no threat to you with proper planning.

Every mutant has five attacks at their disposal to complete their objectives and She Beast is no exception. It is also She Beast's only real ranged attack.

It's uses is mainly for shooting away things she can not hit in range with her next two moves. Punch is her second move. This is your standard damage Even though she is punching in front her it will damage anything that's on the ground.

It's mainly used for destroying buildings or tanks faster then her next move ever will. By far her strongest and devastating move is Stomp.

THIS is your go to move for destroying large sections of the map at once at it has a huge shock wave effect with matching sound!

Buildings, tanks, people, signs They will likely be destroyed by one hit of this thing and if not a second often does the trick.

This move does have some nasty start up time on it though so knowing when to alternate this and Punch is key to not being lead to a quick death.

Her wildcard move is Throw. Imitating nearly every giantess scene where they pick up The actual object being thrown is kinda delayed, probably so you can use the time it's in the air to do something, but the actual effect of what's thrown depends on what's thrown.

Sonic Scream is her last and least used move. It sends out a long range sound wave that only damages aircraft.

This move is only used during the later stages when planes start attacking you but until then it serves no purpose at all other then to make cycling through your attacks slightly longer.

The game itself is decently made with passable graphics. No mods or such exist as it's hard coded not to be changed so no luck on the modding front.

Not a bad game to play for little bits of time I'd say. Collection of screencaps from Senkou Back to top. PC - A freeware adventure game where you play as a 9-year-old girl, Ib, who gets lost in an art gallery.

In a couple places of the game, you find tiny, talking ants, who help Ib solve puzzles. When you have Ib stand close to the ants, the size difference is noticeable.

Download an English-translated version of the game here. Screencap , Official artwork Back to top.

Illusion of Gaia Made by: Super NES - The boss of the Pyramid level in this action RPG is the Mummy Queen, a Cleopatra lookalike who is easily taller than the player character at least when she's not split apart into many spirits.

You later have a rematch against her and the other bosses before the final boss. Screencap by Cubed Cinder Back to top. Inazuma Eleven Made by: Nintendo DS - In the game there is a goalkeeper technique called "Gigantic Wall" that allow the Keeper to grow to giant size and hit the ball with a fearsome punch for block it against the ground.

This technique can be learned by any player by using the technique's note and this obviously include the very few female ones that can be recruit after the end of the story.

Video capture of sighting Back to top. Inazuma Eleven 2 Made by: Nintendo DS - The Gigantic Wall technique returns in this sequel, and it's easier to obtain with the technique available to buy in the shop near the end of the game.

Also, where there were only a few girls to use the technique in the first game, there are hundreds of girls you can recruit and assign the technique to.

Gods Among Us Made by: In one of the arenas, Giganta and Atom Smasher can be seen in the background, both giant-sized and fighting each other.

When either you or your opponent is struck to the side, a robot grabs that fighter and flings him or her towards both Giganta and Atom Smasher. Giganta reaches out and grabs the fighter, and after taking a couple swings at Atom Smasher with the hand that's holding onto the fighter, she throws the fighter into a lower level of the arena.

Injustice 2 Made by: Many of his moves involved him shrinking to tiny size, which you can naturally use against female opponents.

YouTube video of super move on all characters, including females. Kamen no Maid Guy: Boyoyon Battle Royale Made by: Gadget Soft Platform s: PSP - Released in Japan only, this is a '2.

Well, when i started playing the game, after some battles, I got an GTS style mini-game. I don't know if there is more about these, as I only played it one time, and I don't think I'll replay it too soon.

The mini-game consists in the Maid Guy Well, He's my character, so I don't know if you may use the women here , and will feature your enemy, I got this minigame 2 times, when fighting against Arashi and Naeka.

You must climb into the woman and spray those "virus? I got Screen Shots from Arashi and the instruction screen from Naeka That's when I knew other chars should also have their model here.

Road to Al-De-Baran Made by: Developed by Ichigo-Citron, you'll blast your way past several of the lesser characters from the Ragnarok world such as Novice, Merchant, Acolyte, etc.

Nearly every boss is a giantess! Katamari Damacy Made by: You start out each stage with your ball at a very small size. Small enough that the blocky ladies just wanna look down at your cute little self.

Kick Master Made by: NES - The boss of the second level is a gigantic woman surrounded by wolves. The wolves do all the attacking while the woman stays in the middle of the screen motionless.

YouTube video starting at boss fight. Medusa's Final Battle, a giant-sized Medusa is the boss of this level. Pit has to avoid being crushed by the giantess while he flies around.

The giant Medusa later returns in the 25th and final chapter of the game to help Pit, but she is quickly killed by the final boss.

YouTube video of game trailer. One of these shorts is entitled Medusa's Revenge, which shows a giant Medusa terrorizing a small town by zapping people into stone.

A similarly gigantic Palutena warns Medusa to stop before Pit himself flies into battle, getting in front of Medusa's huge face just as the video ends.

YouTube video of Medusa's Revenge. Yes, I have this game. Maya's shrinker captured by Cubed Cinder Back to top. Kingdom Hearts Made by: PlayStation 2 - After you defeat Ursula once, she'll use the power of the trident to grow to a much larger size.

In fact, she's grown to the point where you can really only see her face. Very cool looking especially as Ursula is taunting you throughout the whole battle; one of the more difficult boss battles of the game, so watch yourself!

YouTube video of battle scene. Chain of Memories Made by: Chain of Memories - Just like in the first Kingdom Hearts on PS2, Ursula will eventually grow to giant size and you'll have to beat her while avoiding her attacks.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Made by: PlayStation 2 - Same kind of story from the first game; Ursula steals the sacred trident and uses it to grow to a much bigger size.

This time, however, you play a DDR-style mini game to defeat her by pressing certain buttons at the right time to bounce her attacks back.

Nintendo DS - Near the end of the game, you'll face off against Xion donning some power-enhancing armor. After beating her three times, she will grow to a huge size and unleash her most powerful attacks.

Birth by Sleep Made by: PSP - When the main hero enters the Cinderella level, he will be shrunken down to the size of the mice from the aforementioned movie.

This leads to a few scenes with you helping out Cinderella herself and also getting a few good handheld moments, as seen in the images below.

Very nice and a unique twist! And now, in addition of reducing the Unversed size, you can also stomp them for loads of damage. Even the Bruiser Unversed become no bigger than Aqua's foot.

It's starts were Terra's part in that world left off and the part when Cinderella has to leave because of the midnight time limit and finishes off with the end of the movie.

Aqua goes to ask Prince Charming some questions when she notices darkness from Cinderella's step-mother Lady Tremaine and step-sisters Anastasia and Drizella and decides to talk them.

Outside the house, she decides to stop the steps but the Fairy Godmother tells her not to. And talks to her about how she mustn't use light to destroy darkness as it will make it stronger in the end.

She also explains that the step-mother and step-sisters have a great jealousy with Cinderella as we all know , in that scene you see the step-mother and step-sisters are much bigger than Cinderella herself, like how they do in some cartoon shows where some character's will be much bigger than others.

Also during that scene, the Fairy Godmother asked Aqua for help and shrinks her to the size of a mouse and transports her to where Ven fights Lucifer.

She met Jaq carrying the key the step-mother used to lock Cinderella's room and fends off the Unversed, who were also small.

Later, Aqua, still shrunken, waits on top of the railings near a vase and sees the Grand Duke with the step-mother and step-sisters. He was about to leave when Aqua grows back to normal size, loses her balance and falls down.

Aqua decides to buy some time by offering to wear the glass slipper. Cinderella then appears and Aqua chose for her to go first. It plays out like the movie until Cinderella gets attacked by the Unverse, Cursed Coach, unleashed by the step-mother and step-sisters who didn't see that coming Aqua defeats it and everything plays out for that world.

In Cinderella's hand Back to top. Dream Drop Distance Made by: And she is her giant self again despite not having the Trident. Turns out though that this Ursula is just a phantom.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Made by: Screencap 1 and Screencap 2. Kingdom Hearts 3 Made by: She does mention how small you are a couple of times.

There are men and women that also look like this. Teeth 1 Teeth 2 Back to top. A Kingdom for Keflings Made by: Xbox and PC - In this game, you are a foot-tall giant or giantess and the developers weren't afraid to use that word either helping the Keflings in building their city from the ground up, with the hopes of attracting more Keflings to live there.

You'll spend time assigning jobs to the Keflings, such as gathering materials to help you build a shop. You play using either the default characters females named Maia and Naira have been spotted or with Avatars, the Mii-like characters introduced in NXE, so naturally you can send any female Avatars this game's way and get your mini-GTS fix on.

However, the latter can only be done on Xbox Official Trailer Avatars Trailer Back to top. King of Fighters Special Edition Made by: NeoGeo - This is an ultra-rare hacked version of King of Fighters , adding in a bunch of extra moves and features not in the original game.

PlayStation, Xbox, PC - Here's a game that probably only a select few people either here or in Japan know about because this game originated from neither of these places.

Nevertheless, the object of the game is to make it to the final boss, the sorceress Karaba, and defeat her to free your people from her reign of terror.

You can see why she's so powerful when you see how big she is. ZIP file with 14 shots all sent in by tinybrazilian Back to top. Knights Contract Made by: Xbox and PlayStation 3 - In this hack-n-slash game, you control a knight named Henrich, who is accompanied at all times by the resurrected witch, Gretchen.

Both characters can execute special moves to wipe out all enemies on screen. A special attack by Gretchen named Witch's Embrace has her becoming a giant, and just about naked, being of light and crushing all the enemies in one of six randomly selected ways, such as closing her hand with the enemies standing on it or outright sitting and planting her behind on them.

WiiWare - A shooting game that plays like the classic Ikaruga, where you change the color of your ship to avoid taking damage from bullets of the same color.

The boss of Level 1 is a blue swimsuit wearing giantess with blue boots and very long red hair. A free demo of this level is available on the Wii Shop Channel until it closes in January YouTube video of Level 1 playthrough.

Takumi Naramura Platform s: YouTube video of Tiamat battle on PC. League of Legends Made by: Riot Games Platform s: PC - Riot Games just added in a new summoner spell, Surge, into the game and it makes your character stronger and bigger for 12 seconds.

This creates a roughly double size character when stacked with Surge. Her ultimate ability is called "Wild Growth", which quite literally triples the size of whomever she casts it on it can be casted on herself and knocks back any enemies around them.

This makes it possible to make any female champion a GTS if only briefly. One character Nami a mermaid has a new skin called "Deep Sea Nami" which has promotional splash art that depicts her as a gigantic deep-sea leviathan closing in on a diver.

The skin has no effect on her size in-game of course, but it's worth noting since all players can see the splash art for the skin you're using for the match while the game loads, so you'll always get to see it anytime you play her.

League of Maidens Made by: Maiden Gaming Platform s: YouTube video of Size Matters in action. Left 4 Dead Made by: A visual tutorial is available here.

W1 Redleaper Back to top. Ocarina of Time Made by: Nintendo 64 and GameCube - When the two bosses of the Spirit Temple Koume and Kotake merge together, they become Twinrova, a sorceress who is at least four times bigger than Link.

Click here to check out a whole slew of codes to change the size of practically anybody you can think of, whether you're playing on N64 or GameCube!

A Link Between Worlds Made by: Like in A Link to the Past, you drop Rupees into this fountain, 50 or As you keep dropping more, the Great Fairy will appear small at first but grows after every rupees have been dropped.

Once you have given her rupees, your reward is a bottle, possibly fifth and last depending on your progression.

Breath of the Wild Made by: At first they are cocooned, and you free them by giving them rupees; for the first, for the second, 1, for the third, and a whopping 10, for the fourth.

Once they are free, they are much bigger than Great Fairies from other Zelda games and will reward Link by doing things like blowing him a kiss to enhance his clothing.

Beyond Gotham Made by: Put him with a female character to see the size difference especially with the next entry. To unlock her, you first must go through a fight with her where she is chasing Grodd at her full size, and you shoot bananas at her to stop her.

After then helping her beat up some giant bugs on the planet she's on, she can be bought for play. She has the ability to grow, even towering over the "Big" characters of the game like Grodd, Grundy and Darkseid.

YouTube video of Giganta gameplay. So you can change the sizes of characters. Make the female characters giant and the male characters tiny.

Marvel aka Kamala Khan complete with her stretching abilities as she can shrink and grow at will, you get her pretty early as she is a story character.

The Little Mermaid Made by: NES and Game Boy - After you defeat Ursula, she will grow bigger for the final battle even though it's nowhere near as big as in the movie.

Like that game, you play as a mosquito and try to drain the blood from your human target while avoiding getting crushed at the same time. The first level features a giantess.

Little Noah Made by: From the looks of the trailer, you are Little Noah, commander of a huge army of numerous creatures trying to take over the land.

One of those creatures? A giantess maid clad in powerful looking armor! YouTube video of game trailer includes GTS sighting. Lord of the Dragons Made by: With this Guild you will attempt to Battle your way to the top.

Two of the cards have giantesses on them. One is Theia , a giantess with very little intelligence but an inquisitive nature. The other is Brendeal , who lives on the island of Dragons and fights them during the summer to obtain their scales, fashioning them into a new swimsuit.

The Dark Age Made by: She then seals the unfortunate fighter in a bottle. Macross Triangle Frontier Made by: Again, the same ones, Ranka e Klan, but, now Klan can be used with her Super Pack, and her model has been quite updated Even her pose changed when selecting her.

In the new Academy mode, you can get to date characters from Frontier, and one of them is Klan micronized , I got her macronized form 2 times, one was a simple event, and another when going to the beach This one as a CG.

Macross Ultimate Frontier Made by: Namco Bandai Platform s: The Ultimate Froniter, besides more missions, units and series, features Meltrandi but now, as a unit.

Their existance is confirmed by one of the Loading screens. Klan Klang needs to be unlocked , in the anime, used an Armor for Zentraedis, with just added flight capacity and more firepower.

Well, she's in the game, big version, to battle in the cities. As some of the scenarios are in the middle of cities, and the replay mode let's you adjust the camera, you may get some good scenes.

Well, not exactly, but against Giant Ranka Lee. It's a lot to digest, but you can see it all in the huge screencap gallery below. Over screencaps from MegasBahamutAlchemist Back to top.

Makendou Z Made by: Talent Studio Made by: Talent Studio is used to make characters, like a prototype Mii Maker - only with more clothing options, and a style closer to lates anime.

I think you can also make custom textures for your character; like, put a real person's face from a Game Boy Camera image onto your character.

One feature in the game, "Show Time", puts your character in one of many short animations - like making them do a dance, conduct an orchestra, or sword fight.

One of the animations, appropriately named "Kaiju", makes your character giant-sized, and has them rampage through a city.

There are quick shots of them stomping cars and swatting helicopters out of the air, as well as them standing next to a building. Like all animations in the game, it lasts about 45 seconds.

And, yes - just like the Mii Maker, your character can be a girl. YouTube video starting at GTS scene. Not only does it increase the size of your character hopefully Peach, Daisy, Amy Rose, or Blaze but also the attack and defense of that character as well.

Different things happen when a Wild Ball is collected, including making everyone on one team big. Using it grows your character such as Peach or Ms.

Pac-Man to a large size temporarily. Any character that runs over it shrinks to a small size temporarily.

Mario Kart Wii Made by: Wii - As you might expect, the lightning bolt which shrinks everyone except you returns for this race. Use it and your character hopefully it's one of the three princesses grows in size temporarily.

Also, if another player uses a lightning bolt on you while you're still mega, you only shrink down to normal size while other karts shrink down to tiny size.

Mario Party 3 Made by: Nintendo 64 - One of the mini-games is a 4-player game named Toadstool Titan. In this game, a bunch of blocks appear above the characters.

They must hit the blocks hoping that one of them has the mushroom. The player then grabs the mushroom and becomes a giant. Fun when you put Peach and Daisy in the heat of the battle!

Mario Party 4 Made by: This system allows you to access new parts of the game board. Giant characters can even step on the smaller characters and steal their coins!

Mario Party 6 Made by: GameCube - In a minigame called Crate and Peril, three characters are shrunk and thrown into a box and the fourth holds the box and tries to hit the three with spiny shells.

After they are hit, they jump out of the box. Of course, the last player standing is the winner. Also, after each minigame, when the character rankings are shown, the first place character is normal size while the other characters gradually decrease in size as the ranks go down.

Naturally, Peach and Daisy are best with these situations. Mario Party 10 Made by: Wii U - One of the modes in this game is 'amiibo party,' where eligible amiibo are scanned and come to life on the screen.

The board you play the game on depends on what character is scanned. For Mario's board when he is scanned, one of the items you can win in the slot machine is the Mega Mushroom, which enlarges your on screen figurine like Princess Peach or Rosalina!

The enlarged figurine can crush other figurines and steal coins. Touch them to grow your character like Peach or Toadette, for example to twice their normal size for a short time.

YouTube video of mode in action. Star Rush Made by: The Top Made by: One of those games spotted in the game's trailer?

Plus, Rosalina is playable on top of series stalwarts Peach and Daisy. See the Mario Party 3 entry for more info. Again, Rosalina is playable in addition to Peach and Daisy.

See the Mario Party 6 entry for more info. Mario Power Tennis Made by: GameCube and Wii - In a mode known as Item Battle, one of the items is the lightning bolt, and it happens to work just like the one in the Mario Kart series.

You zap players with it and they shrink down in size. Peach and Daisy are in this game. The size difference is kinda hard to notice, however, but at least it's there.

Also on Wii as part of the New Play Control series. Mario Sports Mix Made by: Wii - In some of the games, one of the items you can gain by touching a question block is a Mini Mushroom, which will shrink all the other opponents to tiny size.

Mario Super Sluggers Made by: Wii - In the minigame Graffiti Runner the one where you try to hold onto a magic paintbrush the longest , located in Bowser Jr.

One of them, naturally being a Mario game, is a Super Mushroom that will supersize your character, allowing her and there are a number of female characters to choose from to jump on and smash any opponents in her way as well as cause earthquakes.

Ultra Smash Made by: Touch it and your character temporarily grows to a giant size. Eye of the Dragon. Chilli Chilli Bang Bang.

FairyTale Legends Mirror Mirror. The Golden Owl of Athena. Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold. Book of Ra Magic.

Top Trumps Football Stars. From Dusk Till Dawn. Riders of the Hidden Realm. Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak. Vikings Go to Hell.

Queen of the Castle. Himalayas Roof of the World. Wild Heist at Peacock Manor. Foxin Wins Football Fever. The Legend of Big Foot. Mrs Greens Plant Emporium.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped. Gladiator Rode to Rome. Tail of New York. Snow Wild and The 7 Features. The Purse of the Mummy. Monopoly On the Money.

Sam on the Beach. Taco Brothers Saving Christmas. Harley Davidson Freedom Tour. Legend of the Nile. Eye of the Amulet.

Swindle All the Way. A Very Foxin Christmas. Finn and the Swirly Spin. Valley of the Gods. Planet of the Apes. The Phantom of the Opera.

Lock it Link Nightlife. The Legend of Shangri-La. Apollo God of the Sun. Leprechaun Goes to Hell. Goldilocks and The Wild Bears. Zeus God of Thunder.

Age of the Gods: Wild Play Super Bet. Legend of the Pharaohs. Year of the Rooster. Goddess of the Moon. Call of the Wild. Cool Buck 5 Reel.

Rise of the Empress. The Heat is On. Hercules Son of Zeus. Beauty and the Beast. Riches in the Rough. A Bark in the Park. Emperor of the Sea.

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And is your system locale Japanese? Ak might be a problem playing the video for that attack. Not sure how to fix it easy, only things I can think of is 1.

Run in admin mode 2. I also tried moving the video effect file in question and hoping it would let me skip it, but to no avail I got an error message and the game closed itself.

In the meantime, does anyone else have some suggestions? Wow, I got it to work by extracting the audio from the. I did the same for the other file, just in case.

Hmmm the game could use more voices. Love the old rpg style haha. I never knew Japanese people watched the Apprentice. The music played when you face the lamia Amira is the theme music from the show.

The developers are planning to publish second game by the end of and the third one will be next year. Well, interesting does not quite seem to do it justice, but i enjoyed the game.

Now lets just hope the next 2 parts manage to get translated. Looks similiar to Lightning warrior raidy, but with male protagonist, and this game is a little bit funny too: When i decompress it all of the files appear out of the folders.

So it does not work. Is there any way anyone could help me out? Thanks Admin, fun game indeed. Yeah there were some freaky monsters but still, loosing and getting raped as a game over is still the best way to die XD.

It takes time, and requires a person with the sufficient knowledge to like the game in the first place. Noone uploaded it, so noone can crack it.

This game was surprisingly good. The combat was surprisingly fun for me at least. The loli-monsters were cute as hell.

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